2019 Executive Team


President - Anusha Ahluwalia

Contact: president.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Contact: president.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Kia Ora! My name is Anusha and I am a fourth year BCom/LLB student, majoring in Accounting and Operations and Supply Chain Management. 2019 marks BAP International’s 100th year anniversary and the 11th year of the University of Auckland Chapter. I am thrilled to be leading our extremely talented executive this year.

Over the past two years, BAP has helped me develop the soft skills and professional network that I felt lacking from my university studies, as well as build myself as a well-rounded individual by taking part in several service and social activities. With BAP’s hands-on experiences and workshops, I was able to crystallise my personal brand and present myself confidently, especially when it came to internships. I have also had the opportunity to befriend other like-minded individuals and form a bond that extends well beyond our university years - a highlight of my university experience.

As President, my goals surround the empowerment of each and every member in all three spheres of BAP - social, service and professional. With partnerships with a large variety of firms, charities and other organisations, BAP can cater to their interests and add value on a more personalised level. Additionally, as BAP International completes 100 years, I want to foster a stronger regional and international presence of the chapter, as well as promote the global nature of the club and its network to our members. I look forward to a very promising 2019! Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I welcome any questions or feedback you may have.

Administrative Vice President - Joyeeta Bhakta

Joyeeta - BAP Website.jpg

Contact: vpadm.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Hello! As the Auckland Chapter’s 2019 Administrative Vice President, I will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure the club keeps ticking along! My role is to support the Executive by providing leadership, guidance and managing the Communications, Treasurer and Membership portfolios.

With 2019 being my second year with the Chapter, I also look forward to using my experience, initiative and passion for all things process-based, I will also be working on continuous improvement projects – with my primary goal being to leave a positive impact on the Chapter through my work.

With the Auckland Chapter entering a new decade and our global organisation celebrating 100 years, I am very excited for what lies ahead. With 2019 being the final year of my Law and Commerce conjoint degree, I look forward to contributing with great enthusiasm and help make 2019 the best year for the Auckland Chapter yet! 

Events Vice President - Keddy Shen

Contact: eventsvp.bap.auckland@gmail.com

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Hi there! Having joined BAP in 2017, I have sought and experienced the potential that BAP offers, both as a member and as the Professional Events Officer in 2018. Now heading into my fourth and final year of a Commerce and Science conjoint (majoring in Accounting, Computer Science, and Information Systems), my personal development now heads towards leadership.

As your Events Vice President for 2019, my role supports the entire events portfolio spanning professional, social, and service. I will be working behind the scenes to coordinate with partner firms and the business school to secure sponsorship and corporate attendance at each event, ensuring members have opportunities to build valuable and diversified professional skill sets. Gear up for an exciting year ahead for The Auckland Chapter!

Professional Events Officer - Caitlin Speed

Contact: professional.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Caitlin Bio Pic.jpg

Kia ora, my name is Caitlin. I am currently in my fourth year of a Commerce and Arts conjoint degree, majoring in Accounting, Commercial Law, Economics, and Sociology. I am excited to be working alongside Roy as one of your Professional Events Officers for 2019.

After joining last year, I have experienced what BAP has to offer its members to support their personal development. BAP has enabled me to develop professional skills, build invaluable connections, and make great friends.

In my role, I want to continue and build on the success of our chapter. I aim to offer members a variety of professional events and firms to connect with. My goal is to see that new members feel welcome and encourage existing members to make the most out of their membership.

Professional Events Officer - Roy Tan

Contact: professional.bap.auckland@gmail.com

roy bio pic.png

Hello! I will be one of your Professional Events Officer for 2019 along with Caitlin! I’m currently in my fourth year of a law and commerce conjoint, majoring in accounting and information systems.

My responsibility is to organise and run professional events by coordinating with partner firms and the rest of the executive team. One of my personal goals within the Chapter this year is to improve and refine our professional events so it runs efficiently and smoothly.

Lastly, I would also like to take this chance to emphasise to you that there are many opportunities for personal development and building soft skills in Beta Alpha Psi. It’s a great community to network with people that shares similar passions and goals. My advice for everyone is to get involved and make the most of all the events we offer. I look forward to seeing and meeting you all during the events throughout the year!

Social Events Officer - Ashima Bajwa

Contact: social.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Ashima Bio Pic.jpg

Hello Everyone! I'm currently in my third year of a Law and Commerce conjoint, majoring in Accounting and Information Systems. As your Social Officer for 2019, I’ll be helping ensure that you build valuable connections within our incredible community of old and new members, and get the most out of all BAP has to offer.

Being involved with BAP has advanced my personal and professional development and I look forward to helping foster a culture of collaboration and growth so you take away as much from this experience as I did, and most importantly have fun doing it!

Service Events Officer - Tatki Lo

Contact: service.bap.auckland@gmail.com


My name is Tat Ki Lo currently studying accounting and law. As a BAP member that has taken part in many service events, I can say that service events can be fulfilling and show a commitment to the community.

As service events officer I aim to organise service events that touch on professional development, commitment to community and a sense of purpose, a recent trend of service events in BAP have touched on these values such as Eat my Lunch, I aim to develop them further in this general direction.

Service events should not be seen as mere stepping stones for members to attend to become full members, members should find purpose in these events and hence find them enjoyable as well, this is the key vision I want to carry onto the executive team.

Communications Officer - Timothy Honey

Contact: marketing.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Tim bio pic.jpg

This is my fourth year into a conjoint degree studying Accounting, Business Analytics and Data Science and I am excited to be leveraging my skills and networks to ensure a seamless flow of information between our team, our members and our partners.

I am a big believer in the value that Beta Alpha Psi offers to business students in our professional and personal development. Be it speed networking’s, mock interviews, social events or supporting our community, every time you dive into a Beta Alpha Psi experience you are challenged and made stronger for it in some way.

This was my experience and I am proud to say that I am excited to work and ensure countless other students get to have their own valuable Beta Alpha Psi experiences.

Members Affairs Officer - Nick Foulkes

Contact: membership.bap.auckland@gmail.com


Hello! I’m Nick, and I’m in my third year of studying a Bachelor of Commerce, double-majoring in Accounting and Finance. I grew up in Whangarei but moved to Auckland to study, and I joined BAP at the start of my second year. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the most of it until second semester.

However, once I started actively participating in the BAP events (like I was supposed to), I realised how great they are for personal and professional development. This inspired me to join the Exec team this year as the Memberships Officer, and to make sure others don’t make my mistake! I look forward to meeting all our members this year and encouraging them to make the most of the BAP experience!

Treasurer - Richard Li

Contact: treasurer.bap.auckland@gmail.com

richard bio pic.jpg

Hey everyone! My name is Richard, and I am currently finishing off my BCom in Business Analytics and Finance before I start my honours in Information Systems in July. 2019 marks my third year as a member of BAΨ, and I have experienced first-hand the opportunities that the organisation provides to its members.

In my role as treasurer, I hope to work with the faculty advisers and 2019 Exec to ensure that all club funds are spent in a way that provides the most value to our members. I am excited for the year ahead and cannot wait to be part of the development of our chapter.