2017 Executive Team

President - Nicola Mulvay

As President I am responsible for working with the Vice-Presidents to set the goals, calendar and vision of The Auckland Chapter for 2017. I generally oversee the operation of the Executive in the running of the club and provide my support in the organisation and execution of events. I am also responsible for building and maintaining relationships with the Business School, firms and other externals.
I have been a member of BAP since 2015 and have previously been Secretary and Admin VP on the Executive.

I believe BAP offers our members events which are extremely valuable for personal and professional development. The skills that we aim to develop are essential for students as they look for graduate roles and internships. I have had a fantastic experience with BAP over the past two years. I am excited about having the opportunity to serve as BAP's President for 2017 and use my skills and networks to ensure that The Auckland Chapter continues to be a successful and sustainably run club.

Contact - president.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Administrative Vice President - Ellen Strange

I am currently in my fourth year of a Commerce/Arts conjoint degree majoring in Accounting, Marketing and Psychology and joined Beta Alpha Psi in my second year. Through participating in BAP’s plethora of events and activities and interacting with fellow high achieving members, I am continuing to develop my networking and communication skills and grow confidence when applying for jobs and internships. Therefore I believe BAP is a fantastic way to get a head start in your career.

I am thoroughly excited to be the Administrative Vice President in 2017 and hope to effectively promote events, encourage students to join and existing members to grasp every opportunity provided to them. I look forward to providing support to members in order to help them achieve the next steps towards their career goals.

Contact - vpadm.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Events Vice President - Annie Ren

Photo_Annie Ren.jpg

Hi there! My name is Annie and I'm the Events Vice President for BAP 2017. I'm currently in my final year of a BCom/BProp conjoint degree and 3rd year as part of BAP! BAP is a great club to join if you want to be affiliated with an international honorary student organization for top-performing Commerce students. It is also great for someone who wants to gain the best possible head start to their career with exposure to a number of amazing opportunities including office tours at the Big 4!

This year, I hope to foster a BAP community through creating platforms for interaction and knowledge-sharing between senior BAP members/alumni and our new BAPers!

Contact - eventsvp.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Professional Events Officer - Chelsea McCraith

My name is Chelsea McCraith and I am the Professional Events Officer alongside Ashley Pinto for 2017. I am a fourth year student studying BCom/LLB(Hons).

I love BAP and encourage a lot of people to join because I have seen the value it adds to your professional development and the opportunities it provides. I'm really looking forward to 2017 and with the great guidance of Nicola I think it will be a successful year!

Contact - professional.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Professional Events Officer - Ashley Pinto

I am one of two Professional Events Officers in the Auckland Chapter. This role centers around working with our team to organise the club’s professional events, build strong relationships within the business school and the companies we partner with, and to support our members so that they can get the most out of their time with BAP. I joined BAP in 2016 and I’ve had some fantastic experiences, made great friends and developed my personal and professional skills. BAP has supported me in my professional development with events like mock interviews, client interactions and many more, all of which are attended by representatives from our partner companies. This exposure to real industry professionals and the continuous support of BAP has been invaluable to me. My goal this year is to support all our members in their professional and personal development, from organising relevant and practical events like office tours, to actively engaging with them at all our events. It’s going to be a brilliant year for BAP and I’m excited to be part of the executive team that’ll make it so.

Contact - professional.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Service Events Office - Craig Hebblethwaite

Hi, my name is Craig and I study a LLB/BCom conjoint. BAP has been a great way for me to connect with people in the business community and to provide opportunities to get involved and learn about future career prospects and skill requirements for when I graduate.

BAP is a society that is in a unique position to be able to help students as well as help the world at large by pooling together our resources and raising funds and awareness for worthy causes. Which is something I feel deeply passionate about, so as Service Officer I hope to improve and sustain our charity events as well as adding some new ones!

Contact - service.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Social Events Officer - Cameron Ross

Hey guys, my name is Cameron and I study a BCom/BSc conjoint. I use BAP to further develop my business connections and use the events to explore my different career options before I finish my degree.

As Social Events Officer, I want to encourage attendance and inclusion in all events so BAP can become a great community within the university.

Contact - social.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Marketing Officer - Bradley Mortensen

Hi guys, my name is Bradley and I am currently studying a BCom/Bsc, heading into my third year. I joined BAP last year due to a few friends roping me in, but I was definitely not disappointed. Within the first few weeks I was already attending client interaction events and getting face time with actual firm representatives that I want to work with when I finish my degree. These experiences have made me passionate about BAP, and wanting to help other high achieving students to get the same experiences that I've had and will continue to have throughout my time at the University of Auckland.

My role as Marketing Officer is to make sure our Facebook and website are up to date and are an easy way for new students to get to know who we are and what we're about. I have always loved tech and communication, so it was a natural fit and I'm looking forward to the opportunities 2017 has to offer.

Contact - marketing.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Members Affairs Officer - Felix He


Hi everyone! I'm the Members' Affairs Officer for 2017. My job is mainly to assess incoming application from prospective members, and manage initiation from candidate membership to full membership. I'm currently in my third year of a law and commerce conjoint, majoring in finance and economics.

The main draw to BAP, in my opinion, is the many amazing people you meet and the networks that form as a result. The knowledge and insight you gain from industry professionals, and even your fellow students, is invaluable as you look to build a career.

Contact - membership.bap.auckland@gmail.com