2018 Executive Team


President - Matthew Jackson

Contact: president.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Contact: president.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Hello! My name is Matthew, and I am in my fifth year of a BCom/LLB(Hons) majoring in Information Systems and Marketing. I feel very humbled and excited to be leading the team this year.

Being a part of BAP has been one of the most impactful experiences of my time at university. I have: formed invaluable professional networks; gained confidence in my soft skills; crystallised my personal brand; experienced mentorship and leadership; and been welcomed into a lifelong community of similarly driven individuals. I cannot emphasise the value enough.

I have three broad goals as President. Firstly, I want to ensure that every BAP member gains a diverse understanding of the opportunities open to them as a high-performer, and feels empowered to pursue the ones that will bring them the most satisfaction. Secondly, it is important to continue building an inclusive and open culture for our students, and refresh how we offer service to the wider community. Finally, I will work to establish initiatives that facilitate the engagement of our talented alumni. Ultimately, my role is to guide our chapter for the benefit of our members, so I openly encourage any feedback or questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you and seeing how BAP influences your personal and professional development.

Administrative Vice President - Felix He

Contact: vpadm.bap.auckland@gmail.com


Hello everyone! I'm Felix, a fourth year BCom/LLB (Hons) student. 2018 marks my third year as a member of Beta Alpha Psi.

As administrative vice-president I'll be responsible for leading the admin side of the Executive to ensure that the chapter runs as smooth as possible. My philosophy is that the admin obligations of the executive should be run efficiently as possible so that more resources can be put into events and other opportunities for members.

This year, I aim to draw on my previous experience on the BAP executive to push our club to the next level. Be sure to keep an eye out for new branding, more community events and a whole raft of new opportunities.

Events Vice President - Cameron Ross

Contact: eventsvp.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Cameron Ross Photo.jpg

As Events Vice President for 2018 I will be responsible for leading the Events Team in organising the multitude of events, and liaising with the firms with which we coordinate in order to maximise benefits for our BAP members.

This is my fourth year in BAP, and I have seen first-hand the opportunities the Beta Alpha Psi can provide to its members. As this is the 10 year anniversary of The Auckland Chapter, the current Executive Team is aiming high. My vision for the upcoming months is to expand our reach, unlocking the potential for BAP to provide a unique, first-class environment where BAP members will not only be able to begin pursuing their first internship or graduate role, but to become well rounded people through personal growth and helping the community.

Get ready for a fantastic range of new events for members of all backgrounds and interests; we hope you all join in on what will be a very successful year with Beta Alpha Psi.

Professional Events Officer - Keddy Shen

Contact: professional.bap.auckland@gmail.com


Hi there! I am currently in my third year of a Commerce and Science conjoint majoring in Accounting, Information Systems, and Computer Science. Having joined BAP in 2017, with the efforts of the outgoing executive team, I have experienced the personal and professional development potential that BAP offers.

As a Professional Events Officer for 2018, I have the opportunity to drive the development of members of The Auckland Chapter well as continuing my growth in a new direction. My responsibility is to organise and run professional events by coordinating with partner firms and the rest of the executive team. I have the ambition to shape the evolution of The Auckland Chapter by innovating, improving, and refining our professional events.

I look forward to a successful year with BAP and working alongside the 2018 Executive Team!

Professional Events Officer - Christopher Hayes

Contact: professional.bap.auckland@gmail.com


If you’re reading this, it’s nice meeting you. I’m Chris, an aspiring growth hacker, globetrotter, and futurist enthusiast. I also happen to be a student majoring in Information Systems and Operations Management. In 2018, I will be serving you as one of BAP’s Professional Events Officers and will be responsible for running professional events with partner firms for our members. My focus for the role this year is to facilitate building relationships, both personal and professional.

In my free time, I enjoy travelling and immersing myself in remote cultures – It feels good to be lost in the right direction. My professional experience resides primarily in consulting with 2 internships, one in Singapore and another in Auckland this past year. Prior to this, I served in the military and if my officership taught me something, it is this: Hope is not a method. If you want something, you have to go for it. Together, let’s make your BAP experience worth it.

Service Events Officer - Anusha Ahluwalia

Contact: service.bap.auckland@gmail.com


Kia Ora! My name is Anusha and I am currently a third year LLB/BCom student. BAP has been a great way for me to make friends, as well as being an incredible platform to build connections and relationships with a variety of firms.

As Service Events Officer, my goal for this year is to emphasise that the value BAP delivers to its members extends well beyond just professional connections – it offers a wide range of opportunities to give back to our community. I look forward to being a part of such a talented executive and a very promising 2018!

Social Events Officer - Gursirat Tapia

Contact: social.bap.auckland@gmail.com


Hi, my name is Gursirat Tapia and I am currently in my 2nd year of a Bcom degree (majoring in Accounting, Commercial Law and Information Systems).  I initially started off my journey at University aiming to complete a Bachelor of Science degree (majoring in Biomedical Sciences) but have since realised that I am more passionate about problem solving and thinking outside the box.

BAP has really helped me get more involved and become more confident when meeting new people – especially those from the industry. It’s been a great platform for making new friends whilst network with firm representatives.

As the Social Events Officer for 2018, I hope to ensure more people feel comfortable attending all BAP events but more importantly, I’d love people to meet others and form life-lasting connections. After all, university is not just about cramming last minute or running from workshop to workshop.

Communications Officer - Joyeeta Bhakta

Contact: marketing.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Joyeeta Bhakta - Headshot.jpg

Hi everyone! As your Communications Officer for 2018, I will be running all the things that connect us with you – social media, website, newsletters and anything in between! My role is to support the Beta Alpha Psi Executive through secretarial duties as well as fostering the club’s continued growth through promoting our various events, initiatives and ethos.

I strongly believe that Beta Alpha Psi Auckland’s reputation is due to the high calibre of our members, and in 2018 I’m looking forward to shining more light on the exciting things our club gets up to and celebrating the things our members achieve.

Heading into the all-important penultimate of my Law and Commerce degrees, I am truly grateful to be a part of Beta Alpha Psi - an opportunity that lets me develop various skills, gain insights into future careers, build my network and have fun while doing it!

Members Affairs Officer - Roydon Tan

Contact: membership.bap.auckland@gmail.com

IMG_0514 (1).jpg

Hi guys! I will be your Membership Officer for 2018. I'm currently in my third year of a law and commerce conjoint, majoring in accounting and information systems. My role is mainly to assess incoming application from prospective members, and further manage all the initiations from candidate membership to full membership. I will be keeping track of all your service and professional points to ensure that you’re progressing to earn your full membership in BAP. My goal for the year is to make this data more transparent and accessible.

Lastly, I would also like to take this chance to emphasise the point that there is definitely a lot to be taken out of from Beta Alpha Psi. It’s a great community to network with people that share a similar mindset and aspirations. Therefore, my advice is to just get involved and make the most of all the events we offer. I look forward to seeing and meeting you all during the events throughout the year!

Treasurer - Richard Li

Contact: treasurer.bap.auckland@gmail.com

Richard Professional.jpg

As a third year Finance and Information Management student approaching graduation, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of professional development and personal branding to a successful start in one’s career. In this ever-changing world, having completed a university qualification alone no longer guarantees you a job, nor does it equip you with the necessary skillset required to pursue your career aspirations. Our evolving society demands that students have professional experiences, industry connections and transferrable skills. And BAΨ provides just the opportunity to develop these, while also allowing like-minded individuals to connect with each other.

In my role as treasurer, I hope to work with the faculty advisers and 2018 Exec to ensure that all club funds are spent in a way that provides the most value to our members. I am excited for the year ahead and cannot wait to be part of the development of our chapter.